CPD policy template

We have developed a CPD policy template you can customise for your business requirements. 

Available with our FASEA CPD.


Overview - CPD policy template

  • 1 Overview
1.1 Overall approach to CPD
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Responsibility
  • 2 Continuous Professional Development plan
2.1 Approach to CPD training plans created for Relevant Providers
2.2 Process for approving CPD activities and the mechanism for allocating hours to these
2.3 CPD provider credentials
2.4 Relevant Providers with special circumstances
2.5 Approach for existing Relevant Providers moving licensees
2.6 Approach for Relevant Providers who have recently completed their Professional year
2.7 Approach for Relevant Providers working part time
2.8 Approach to evidencing outcomes of CPD
2.9 Approach to record keepingPurpose


Our CPD - cpdevolve provides financial participants and organisations with the complete online solution to satisfy FASEA CPD requirements.


  • an annual training plan
  • a dynamic library of engaging and informative CPD topics
  • A dashboard that tracks an adviser’s progress and training hours for each CPD category + tax points.
  • Ability to upload and record all external CPD training such as face-to-face workshops, internal training programs, webinars and conferences.

Read more in our FASEA CPD Frequently asked questions


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